Tuesday, September 28, 2004


So my 18 weeks of marathon training is coming to an end, 11 days till the big day. I did my 20-miler 2 weeks ago and the pain involved in that run still lingers in my memory. I am seriously wondering how many times that will be amplified after 26.2 miles. I mean, I think I'm kind of a tough guy. I sacrificed my body through years of organized football (high school and college) and rugby at business school (broken nose, finger). But this type of athletic threshold is a bit unique, it takes over your entire body and grows over time, kind of like a fungus. I can try to describe the state of one's mind and body but I would only do a disservice to myself and marathoners.

Before I began training, I thought running a marathon would be a cool thing to do (kind of like bunjee jumping or being able to put it on your resume like every b-schooler), good for my body, and challenging. What I've discovered is that it is certainly challenging. The other two I am still questioning. We shall find out in a few years when I develop chronic pain and arthritis in my knees. But seriously, it has been an exercise of serious discipline and time management. I quickly found out that one must truly organize/integrate your work schedule and social life into the training program. I have a new-found respect for elite long distance runners. Props to you ladies and gents for that kind of dedication.

With the race next weekend, my tapering continues. Thank God. Tonight I do 4 miles ....