Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Donovan McNabb Joins the ACL Club

Today, Donovan McNabb, All-Pro quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles had ACL surgery on his right knee. Feeling his pain.

Two Sundays ago, he tore the ACL on a somewhat freakish play running out of bounds on a QB scramble to his right. It wasn't a force impact type injury .... it seems that a lot of ACLs are injured like this. By happenstance, you catch your knee the wrong way and it pops.

The head trainer for the Eagles is saying 9 months post surgery that he'll be back which I think is very realistic. He did have some meniscus work done but given that he's a professional athlete and will have 100% of his time devoted to rehabilitation, I'm pretty sure Campbell's Chunky Soup spokesman will be back to true form by the 2007 season opener.

Welcome to the Club Donovan and best wishes on a fast recovery.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Vacationing in South Beach

Over one's time on earth, vacations become an instrumental means to detach from the realities of life and recharge those ever-aging batteries. In the four days spent in sunny South Florida in Miami Beach, Heather and I certainly took advantage of this to do just that.

We indulged ourselves with lots of sleep (yes!), late dinners, some shopping, and lots of drink (champagne at the Delano). South Beach provided the perfect backdrop for such gluttony, as the place simply does not shut down.

Here are a few pics of the places we strolled, ate at, shopped, etc.

The Pelican Cafe on Ocean Drive
  1. -- Must try here: seared tuna seaweed salad with wasabi and a cup of cappucino

Miami Ink, tailor parlor and site of famous TLC reality show

-- Caught a glimpse of Ami and crew. Very cool.

The Carlyle, hotel

-- One of my favorite art decos in the district

The Biltmore Hotel, world reknown

-- National historic landmark with largest hotel swimming pool in the country

The Avalon Hotel on Ocean Drive

-- Houses the top seafood restaurant (IMHO), A Fish in Avalon
-- Impeccable service and food

Casa Causarina, Versace's Mansion

-- Built in 1920 and can be rented out for a sick party

South Beach beach

The Sunrise at South Beach

Hotel Victor at night on Ocean Drive

-- Sleek, modern interior
-- Swanky lounge