Friday, October 01, 2004

Oct. 1, Week 4: Fantasy Football 2004

This weekend is week #4 in the 2004 NFL season. I am quite excited as I have the chance to improve to 3-1 in my Fantasy Football League, which is comprised of a bunch of sports fanatics/friends who are based all over the world. Half of us are in the U.S. and the other half is in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China.

Lately, it's been rather contentious as a few of the guys have been ragging on one another for picking up and dropping players like it's a game of Jacks. The problem is that there's a paucity of good backs in our league, due to the unusual size of our league, 14 teams. So you can see how a bunch of Type A's would get a little testy about this kind of stuff. Perfectly legal to do but it can create some tension nonetheless, especially when there's a ton of smack talk going around (i.e. your team is a pile of foul-smelling fecal matter as opposed to rosy-smelling). You get the point.

Anyway, I am happy to say that my boy and #1 back Michael Bennett will make his way into the lineup next week after the Vikes bye this week. I drafted the speedster #2 after all-world Peyton Manning and he has yet to produce points for me. Problem is that Onterrio Smith has been filling in nicely for him but fortunately for me, he looks to be serving a 4 game suspension for his reefer propensities. We'll see how this soap opera pans out.

My buddy Tim is flying in town this weekend and me and the little lady are having dinner with him and his little lady in Beacon Hill. The restaurant, called Lala Rokh, serves Persian/mediteranean (sp?) food and was highly rated by Zah-gawt's. I love to eat and am always open to new cuisines.

Well, back in a few.